About Us

Hello and welcome to our story! High Tide Gifts is owned and managed by Patty and Phil, a husband-and-wife team living in the beautiful mountains of western Montana. Wait, Montana in the United States? Big mountains, no ocean? Correct, there is not an ocean coast in Montana, but tides happen in any body of water, right down to the glass of water on your nightstand, and if the ocean is in your heart, it's with you wherever you may roam.

Photo of Patty and Phil, the husband-and-wife team behind High Tide Gifts

Due to medical challenges, our ability to hold full-time "regular jobs" is reduced, meaning our family's future depends on us finding another way to thrive. Phil works hard as a part-time janitor (and loves it -- he is the Hufflepuffiest Puff ever to Huffle), and Patty is still looking for the right "day job" that can accommodate her physical limitations. Patty is also taking her degree in Aquaculture and Fisheries and her love of all things aquatic and marine in a COMPLETELY different direction than anyone expected, first with an educational YouTube channel, Tumblr, and Twitter called "Fish Geekery," and then, once we realized that her expertise and love of all things watery could go further, the idea for High Tide Gifts was born.

Together, we love finding cute and creative products to sell, and have specific standards for accuracy in our products' depiction of sea creatures. The cartoony pins aren't anatomically perfect, but neither are human dolls, and just as a doll seller wouldn't offer one with three arms as if it were normal, we don't want to sell something showing, say, a whale shooting water out of its blowhole (because they don't do that). We also want to avoid anything that promotes negative stereotypes, like overly-aggressive sharks. Only a handful of the 400+ known species of sharks swimming our oceans actually pose any threat to humans, and even those would generally prefer to avoid us rather than start trouble.

You might find some items for sale that include real seashells. We are very particular about these, contacting each potential supplier to ensure that nothing we sell was collected in a way that harmed the ecosystem it came from. Each of these items list in the description how they came to us (some were farmed, some were collected on a beach, some are actually surprisingly convincing fakes) so you can rest assured that you aren't supporting destructive practices with your purchase.

Please enjoy shopping in our specially curated collection of marine and aquatic themed merchandise, and thank you for stopping by.

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